I got my start with linux in the early 2000’s. It all began with cygwin, which provides a cli for linux programs in a windows environment. It is a safe way to try out the various commands and is a very good way to learn the ways of linux.

From cygwin I moved on to running various linux distros in virtualbox. This was good for learning how to work with .iso files, the linux install process, etc. It was another step towards doing an actual install on hardware.

Sometime in the early 2010s I installed arch linux. The arch install process is very involved. This is a learning experience, in itself. It is a sort of nerdy initiation to get an arch install up and running. Even though I no longer use arch as my main os, the experience was still a valuable one for learning more about linux.

These days (late 2010s-2020s) I run debian.

One of the distros I am currently looking into is skywave linux. This is all about software-defined radio or sdr.

linux toolbox

linux commands - i highly recommend learning these if you are new to linux:

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