rollz5 finished

I built my rollz-5 in Autumn 2018. It uses meng qi’s pcb The original concept for this instrument is ciat-lonbarde’s rollz-5. The pcb is mounted between two clear sheets of acrylic, via standoffs. My panels were based off corpusjonesy’s muffwiggler post. I used a template found online for the panels and had ponoko laser cutting make them for me. At one point I was trying to breadboard the paper circuit version of rollz-5 using Richard Brewster’s schematics but have yet to figure it out. Someday. More to follow.

rollz5 soldering

This is the top view, where you are plugging in banana cables and twisting the pots.

rollz5 components

This is the bottom view. It is the component side, where all the resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors and integrated circuits face outward.

hem stuph

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